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Hello, I am from Yogendra Kushwaha Uttar Pradesh India. At present, I am a teacher of computer science at Srinath Sanskrit College, my hobby or passion computer, I have with you blogging, SEO, Health, Technology, motivational, inspirational and entertainment article

A blog started in 2004, many years before the start of this blog. But at that time we did not have much expansion of the computer, at that time also our village had to travel 20 km for basic computer information. At the time I was learning computer, there was no Unicode in Hindi or we did not know the Unicode of the people. After learning the computer from here I felt that this field could prove to be very good for me. So I went to another city for further studies, where I used to mix video of a video recording of marriage as well as video mixing. After completing studies I made my own blog which was in Hinglish. But the regular was unable to update. Because I had to go for him at least 20 km from my village. That’s why I stopped that blog. After 3 years again, once again I wanted to give the computer information to the people through the blog. At that time my appointment was done at Srinath Sanskrit College Kushinagar. At that time, I thought, let’s go back to the blogging area again and start a blog. But at the same time, due to father’s death, he left the blog too. In the meantime, I tried to start the blog but did not complete due to my family obligations. I have techgurukagyan.com about 3 year ago, and the way you got the love of the people, I hope you guys also like this blog FullFormZone.in.

About FullFormZone.in

This blog was created on March 01, 2021 and after completing the design work, it started posting on  07 March 2021.

We have opened this website so that you can get information about every full form from it. Every kind of information is available in the Internet, but in our country people like to read Hindi more. Therefore, we give detailed information about every full form on this website.
If you need information about anything, you can ask us without any hesitation. We will try to give you complete information in Hindi. If there is anyone who wants to share his knowledge with us, he can contact us by going to the contact page.
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