अघ का विलोम शब्द – Agh Vilom Shabd in Hindi

Agh Ka Vilom Shabd (* अघ का विलोम शब्द*): Today we are telling you all the antonyms of Agh, which can be asked in your high school inter exam. Hope you like this Vilom Shabd .

अघ का विलोम/विपरीतार्थक शब्द | Antonyms of Agh

शब्द विलोम शब्द (Vilom Shabd)

Etymology of the word ‘Antonym’ in Hindi – विलोम शब्द की व्युत्पत्ति

लोम्नो विपरीतं विलोम भवति विलोम इव यः शब्दः सोपि विलोम भवति उपमार्थे अयं शब्दः भविष्यति

That is, this word is used in a simile sense. Just like the opposite of loam is the antonym, in the same way this word is used by analogy in the word. The meaning of loma is body hair or straight, so if loma is considered in a direct sense, then its opposite will be the opposite.

“विलोम” शब्द का सामान्य अर्थ

[वि. ]
1. विपरीत | उलटा | उल्टा | प्रतिकूल | प्रतिलोम | व्युत्क्रांत | विरुद्ध |
2. प्रतिकूल क्रम में उत्पन्न | विपरीत क्रम में उत्पन्न |
3. जिसके शरीर पर लोम न हों | लोम-रहित | रोम-रहित | केश विहीन | केश-रहित |
4. पिछड़ा हुआ |
5. जो सामान्य प्रथा के विपरीत हो | नियम वा रीती के विरुद्ध |
6. क्रम की दृष्टि से ऊपर से नीचे जाने वाला |

[ संज्ञा ]
1. विपर्याय | उलटा क्रम | विपरीत क्रम | क्रम विपर्यय |
2. सर्प | साँप |
3. वरुण |
4. कुत्ता |
5. संगीत स्वरों का अवरोहात्मक साधन | अर्थात् ऊँचे स्वर से नीचे स्वर की ओर आना | स्वर का अवरोह | उतार |
6. रहट |
7. किसी प्रमेय की परिकल्पना और निष्कर्ष को परस्पर बदल देने से बनने वाला प्रमेय (गणित.) |

Explanation of antonyms – विलोम शब्द की व्याख्या

Words that are used in the opposite sense are called Vilom or antonyms. In the second meaning, those words which always express the opposite meaning of the word in front of them are called antonym (Vilom).

For example, the end of the beginning, the humiliation of respect, the cessation of food. In Vilom, it is kept in mind that if a word is a noun, then its antonym (Vilom) should also be on the basis of the noun phrase. On the same basis, the Vilom of an adjective is an adverb, the antonym (Vilom) of a verb, the antonym (Vilom) of an adverb is an adverb.

अघ का विलोम | Antonym of Agh

“FullFormZone.in” में आप “अघ” शब्द, अघ का विलोम शब्द भी खोज पायेंगे और साथ में “अघ” शब्द की व्युत्पत्ति अर्थात् निर्वचन भी आप यहाँ पर पायेंगे | अघी का विलोम या विपरीतार्थक शब्द हिन्दी देवनागरी भाषा में यहाँ दिया गया है |

Viparitarthak words of “अघ”, अघ Antonym in Hindi language. Get here Viparitarthak shabd of “अघ”. Know here antonym of अघ in hindi. viparitarthak shabd of अघ in Hindi., What are the antonyms of अघ ? antonyms of Agh in Hindi, अघ का उल्टा क्या है ?, Agh ka viparitarthak kya hai ? Agh vipritarthak, Agh antonyms in Hindi, vilom of Agh , Agh ka vilom., In “FullFormZONE.in” you will find the word antonym of the Agh ‘ And along with the derivation of the word Agh is also given here for your enlightenment. Vilom and viparitarthak both reveal the same expressions. What is the antonym of “Agh ” in Hindi?


Antonyms questions are always scoring in the exam as you have to write only one word. For this, you should keep practicing by writing. The easiest way to recognize antonyms is that their use completely changes the meaning of the sentence.

Therefore, if ever there is doubt in the mind while solving the problem of antonyms, then try making a sentence in the mind.

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