Examples of Sentences with Adverb Phrases

Examples of Sentences with Adverb Phrases: Adverb phrases are a group of words that modify verbs or adjectives. They often describe the time, place, or manner of doing something. Adverbs can be very versatile and can add flavor to your writing. Here are six examples of adverb phrases: quickly, quietly, happily, carefully, and lastly. The adverb phrase is placed soon after the verb washes in the example below. The adverb soon is also used to modify the time when the sentence is written. Adjective phrases are also called adjective clauses used in a sentence to describe an adjective or noun.

Types of adverb phrases

  1. Adverbial phrase of time (When)- Adverb Phrases Describing When
    • As quickly as possible
    • Any time
    • Yesterday afternoon
    • After a few minutes
    • Never at midnight
  2. Adverbial phrase of manner (How)- Adverb Phrases Describing How
    • Surprisingly well
    • In total silence
    • Often under duress
    • Very carefully
    • Quite easily
  3. Adverbial phrase of place (Where)- Adverb Phrases Describing Where
    • Near the edge
    • Through the looking glass
    • Over the rainbow
    • By the mailbox
    • Around the sun
  4. Adverbial phrase of reason (Why)- Adverb Phrases Describing Why
    • To understand better
    • For her happily ever after
    • For pity’s sake
    • To make the most of it
    • To end discrimination

Adverb phrases are a type of adverb. They usually modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. Some common adverb phrases are very, quite, hardly, and only just. Read Here Examples of Sentences with Adverb Phrases

Examples of Sentences with Adverb Phrases

Adverb phrases can be used in place of adverbs in certain situations. Here are Examples of Sentences with Adverb Phrases: 

  • She played the guitar with skill.
  • He ran quickly.
  • We ate quickly.
  • She sang softly.
  • They studied hard.
  • She is very young.
  • He has a mighty voice.
  • I am not at all tired.
  • The food was delicious, but we only ate just enough for lunch.
  • Bob nodded like a bobblehead.
  • Meet me at the mall later this evening.
  • Without thinking, he turned down the road.
  • They must kiss before sunset to break the spell.
  • She went online for more information.
  • In the forest, many creatures snarl and growl.
  • I will not do that, never in a million years!
  • Dad spoke softly to calm her fears.
  • They have a house right by the ocean.
  • She slammed the door in a huff.
  • We will reconvene earlier than usual.
  • Truly happy, I gave him my answer.
  • She took some time off for a much-needed vacation.
  • At every turn, problems blocked his path.
  • I saw much trash beside the highway.
  • He decided to join a gym to get in shape.
  • The dog came in for his bath incredibly reluctantly.
  • We strolled through the gardens very slowly.
  • He made his decision as quickly as possible.
  • Put the flowers by the birdbath.
  • Jose always arrives sooner than the other students.
  • She flew the plane through the fog calmly and skillfully.
  • So as not to disturb anyone, Michelle tiptoed to bed.
  • The seamstress mended the hem with needle and thread.
  • Sometimes I don’t clean under the bed.
  • He performed the tasks without care.
  • Come closer to get a better look.
  • Take this medication as often as needed.
  • The oath was recited somewhat hesitantly.
  • Mary needs to drive her new car much more carefully.
  • To see the view, Harry climbed to the peak.
  • The mystery books were placed next to the crime dramas.
  • The line was moving frustratingly slowly.
  • The parade coursed around the town square.
  • She runs five miles every day.
  • The children opened their presents with delight.
  • This product is available in all places.
  • She responded very rudely.
  • It would be best if you washed your hands better than that.
  • He stood on this very spot and lied to me.

More Example of Examples of Sentences with Adverb Phrases

  • I came here yesterday.
  • Once upon a time, the lady lived here.
  • Sam said it in a polite way.
  • John was walking so quickly.
  • I will meet you tomorrow.
  • Jeff was speaking so roughly.
  • The man was shouting very loudly.
  • I made them understand the plan easily.
  • The man seldom comes here.
  • Samantha is trying to do the work quickly.
  • They came in a group to make us know.
  • We are working so hard to complete the project.
  • Bob is trying to win the game by hook or by crook.
  • The student is trying heart and soul to pass the exam.
  • You are walking so slowly.
  • Next year Jack will come here.
  • We are going to watch a movie on Friday.
  • Are you thinking in this way?
  • Don’t talk to me in that tone.
  • Alana spoke in a low voice.
  • The meeting ended on a sour note.
  • He seemed unhappy at the party. She was angry at him for leaving early.
  • I’m so tired I can’t think straight right now.
  • They got married in a quiet ceremony at the courthouse last week.


In conclusion, the article has discussed various adverb phrases, which can be used to significant effect in writing. By understanding when and how to use these phrases, authors can create powerful and impactful writing pieces. Hope This article Examples of Sentences with Adverb Phrases You Find useful.

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